I was excited for “Oblivion” when I first heard about it – after seeing the 1st trailer, I was cautiously enthusiastic … it looked as if too much might have been given away. Nonetheless I was at the theatre opening night (one of my 1st tweets was an iPhone shot of my ticket stub as I anxiously waited for 11:30) and when I walked out, I was pretty much delirious with the amount of “awesomeness” crammed into a single film…script, visuals, acting, score, laugh beats…and twists and turns to spare…

The pre-release of “Starwaves” by M83 definitely helped – but my favorite moment was that 3rd act whiplash reveal; what Actually Happened. After all the other ‘oh damn’ moments, there was still room enough for the story to sneak up and get you…so few films do that and even fewer pull it off without somehow feeling like a Sixth-Sense-ish entity

I felt it again when I saw a review that described “Oblivion” as the most expensive episode of The Twilight Zone ever.

If you haven’t seen it yet … WTF…?!



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