Bedroom Archaeology – can you dig it?

Approximately six weeks to prepare for Los Angeles.

So, of course, key things (books, papers, etc) have vanished from the organized areas. There’s a constant geographical shift going on in here, no doubt but it always raises my blood pressure when things aren’t where I left them or where I remember them being. Its even worse when there’s part of it there. But that’s a convenient aspect of computers becoming the center of our lives: scouring external hard drives beats flashlights and digging through piles of notes, CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, half-full rolls of packing tape, hell, even old VHS tapes I haven’t digitized yet.

Scrambling to gather completed spec scripts, still photography portfolios, finished long gestating remake (or “Redress” as I see it) of “Casablanca” … if any love story could use a new outfit without changing any of its, ahh, anatomy or sentiment, I want to do this one and more than anything else, I want it to be Right. The #1 goal of the script has always been to get a new generation of people into this story – the 2nd goal is to get young adults/teenagers to watch the original. I guess goal 2.5 is to get fans of the original to go see it and have a good time and a laugh and hopefully a scare or two.

Another point: the digging process (both digital and physical) unearths memories I wanted to forget that are now amusing. Some of it is amusing now anyway; a lot of it is pretty much how I remembered it. Thus, Bedroom Archaeology – can ya dig it???

– Johnlee 02:28:14:18:59:23

"Blackline" - film production - photography
“Blackline” production still, circa 2011

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