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“The Strain” teaser trailer (Eclipse)

“The Strain” teaser trailer (Eclipse)

Midway through filming my demo reel, one of my actors, Jorge Ramirez, suggested that I would like a book called “The Strain” by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan. This was several months before my trip to NYC in October of 2012 and I didn’t know it was a trilogy until he brought me all three books at once. I read the first book in a single night and the other two in less than a week. 

One of the most addictive elements of the books was New York City; the two authors described the city in exquisite detail – underground stretches of abandoned subway lines in particular. I didn’t have enough time to try and see much of anything from the books that fascinated me but last night, Jorge made it possible for me to see an old film I had always meant to see, “Mimic” and I vividly remembered the detail of The Strain trilogy’s exploration of New York. 

And “The Strain” is going to be a series on FX….and here’s a link to one of the teaser trailers….


NYC – Oct 2012

NYC - Oct 2012

Two black and white shots from October 2012, headed into Manhattan on the last day of filming for my documentary – both are in my “New York I” photography book. The 2nd edit of ‘Posthuman’ is being shot (or, reshot) at this time. Lots of time in Final Cut Pro 7 and X. The finalized layout for the “New York I” book is at:

NYC photography book (intro essay)


My 1st photography collection book is complete – I have two designed but may integrate them into one…but, for your consideration, here’s the introduction essay…


On October 16th, 2012 at approximately 5pm, I arrived at the Jay Street Metrotech station in Brooklyn. The purpose of my trip was to conduct several key interviews for a documentary film project (then titled, ‘The Posthuman Condition’ and focused on Nanotechnology). The documentary’s subtext-point was to pose ethical questions about genetic engineering as presented in “Blackline” a series of feature films set in a dystopian near-future controlled by corporations.


Don Henley had forewarned me about everything changing in a New York minute (a lyric specifically referenced in ‘Blackline’) and I love improvisation but its easy to forget that improvising is what happens when something goes wrong. On the 24th, before catching my train back to Union Station in Washington DC, a five minute meet-and-greet at the documentary film department at HBO turned into a pre-production meeting which lasted for well over an hour. 


When I left the HBO headquarters, the rain, which had already been falling for a day or so, was coming down noticeably harder. Also, I missed my train back to DC and had to buy another ticket for the return trip (a problem I was destined to encounter again). When I arrived in DC, it was raining, the Metro was closed and there weren’t any affordable hotel rooms.


Thanks to a friend, I was able to spend the night on the ceilinged rooftop terrace of a luxurious hotel overlooking NW Washington DC, watching Dexter on my iPad until the Metro opened at 5am. I slept for a day and when I woke up on October 25th, the world had changed.


When I returned to New York for re-shoots in August of 2013, there would still be damage from Sandy. I suppose there always will be – but I also recall a conversation from the 23rd at the bar of the “W” hotel, nursing a third Jack and Coke. Don’t precisely recall how I ended up talking with a business consultant but I do recall that he told me the talk of the incoming hurricane was irrelevant because “this is New York.”


I didn’t know exactly what he meant but I believed him. We tapped glasses and he ordered another round and a New York minute had occurred. That was the first time I heard about Hurricane Sandy.


Like the city that existed before September 11th, the version of New York I experienced that week is a territory no road – or rail – can reach. Post-Sandy New York can be called stronger or taller but my interpretation is simpler. It isn’t that it’s a city capable of being renewed: it is New. 


That’s what New York is to me. 


Hope you like – here’s a link to preview (and if you wish, to purchase) the book…



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Three shots of Manhattan

Three shots of Manhattan

Three shots from inbetween shoots for ‘Posthuman’ film project (2nd set of re-shoots) in New York, August of 2013.

All shot with a Canon T3i and Tamron 10-24mm wide angle + 18-200mm Macro zoom lens – editing “New York I” photography book (shot October 2012) … some, maybe all three of these shots may make it to the “New York II” photography book. The tripod was a Manfrotto (MT293A3).