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The Unexpected

I did not expect my idea for a book of interviews with DJs and producers to get any kind of serious attention; this was October of 2000. But it did. I did not expect to land any seriously successful interviews: my 1st interview was with Paul van Dyk. I now believe I should have started with some local DJs…PvD was like a god to me. I was terrified. But it went very well.

Johnlee photography © 2013 420_0559v2
Johnlee photography © 2013 420_0559v2

I did not expect that the string of interviews that followed were as good as I thought they were but apparently, they were. And then the whole thing changed when I got an interview I was certain I would not.

Mr. George O’Dowd is often known as the singer for a group but he was a DJ before and a DJ after. The interview went well – enough so that all of a sudden, I began getting calls from record labels and PR firms who sent me bags of promos. This was April/May of 2001.

Fast forward. November 2000 – my attorney and I sent out fifteen proposals…there were at least six rejection letters and then one of the unanswered called me at home to let me know his company was going to pass on the project but he had a friend who might be interested. I was doubtful.

Johnlee photography (c) 2013
Johnlee photography © 2013 0418

I watched all of season one of Game of Throne in two nights, a week before season two started. By the time season three started I had bought all five books. Then I met a girl and things were off for a bit. I thought she was unexpected – what eventually happened was enough to make the relationship emulate any number of (relation)ships that have ever been utterly destroyed. And Truly Unexpected.

Johnlee photography © 2012 1307
Johnlee photography © 2012 1307


And so, now I find one of my favorite books has some unsettling parallels to a short story from 1979. George RR Martin.

Last thought for tonight:

“Increasingly, modern science pursues powers traditionally reserved for the Almighty. But those who encroach upon the province of the gods realize too late that the price for entrance…is destruction.”


Johnlee photography © 2013_sunset38
Johnlee photography © 2013_sunset38

Codex 3Johnlee (Property of 3JV Productions, LTD © 2010)

Property of 3JV Productions, LTD © 2010

So it’s like this: everything I know about math and physics and all that is as follows: everything is made up of ones and zeroes. And they get rearranged when you say things in a certain way. One of the five basic principle movements of “How to Curse Like Johnlee” is replacing the one and zero with Shit and Fuck. Given that the world is pretty much dependent on computers which talk to each other in a language of very fast ones and zeroes and how crazy complex the world is, hey, look, all this complexity is an extension of Shit and Fuck.

The first step is: “Fruit Equals You’re a Motherfucker” simplified into “Fruit Equals Motherfucker”… that initial thought evolved into “Everything Equals Fucked” (or Fuck Squared) which was amusing to me because quantifying the/a fuck and assigning a set value to it? And this includes the factoring in of the possibility of a future state of “Fucking”

A few years later, I have copyrighted the theory and a series of t-shirts as well as a primer. The t-shirts also delve into madness; applying this special logic to emotions. Trying to find a pattern or at least, something that has a similar shape. I have cleverly disguised these bits of sheer sanity as phrases that don’t directly involve words like Shit and Fuck which some find offensive; just like science is offended by certain aspects of religion and vice versa.

But, who can argue with the truth of, “Death is an immunological response to life” or “The human brain is complex. MOTHERFUCKER.” I had a malarky of whimsy with, “Love is like electricity; I like it until I have direct contact with it.”

This is merely the tip of the tip of the iceberg, as I am well aware I am posting this online and through a series of MANY ‘shitfuckfucker’ it will be further evidenced by a link on one of my Facebook pages. There are several keys which are Not Included here. I just wanted to put it out there because I recently began reading about Stephen Wolfram and his book, “A New Kind of Science” has some eerie parallels to what I’ve been thinking about. They’re not related except in their effect: seeing reality in a different manner of seeing…seeing seeing as a different kind of sense.

One of the interviews about this work (which was recorded sometime during the past year) may go online soon.

Here’s a last freebie for you: “Set the Shit on Fuck” (root of “…Fuck like a Motherfucker Goddamnit…”) “Fruit = Motherfucker; because it can, does and therefore, will. QED.” The full-length theorem will be published within the next year or so. I sincerely hope you all will be part of the 3JV.


Thank You.


Property of 3JV Productions, LTD © 2010


Giant squid are not your friends. That’s important, too.

“The Blanket Is Real”

“The Blanket Is Real”

Theory: infants need safety blankets to establish their own context for distinguishing the dream world from the waking world. They have not been alive long enough to have woken up enough times to tell one from another.

The blanket was the first ‘thing’ that was ‘real’…in any given situation with discomfort (needing a diaper change, hunger, etc), the blanket is a ‘go to device’ to begin the mechanism of putting things in order. The Blanket is the beginning of knowing what is real. Or at least a marker to separate one world (dream) from another (waking). “Inception” called the mechanism ‘the tell’ and/or ‘Totem.’

As consciousness expands, the monsters under the bed or in the closet or wherever become more of a threat. Children who saw the Tests of the Emergency Broadcast System and understood it grasped that the world might end at any given time, no matter what they said or did. However children react to being told there is no Santa is an indication of how they will adapt to paradigms being shattered by new discoveries in science later in life. ImageImageImage