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Uncharacteristic (again)

It’s been long enough that I know it would be unacceptable (unproductive, as well) if I were – so maybe it isn’t unpredictable that I’m not pissed about what happened. But I was surprised when I laughed about it. 

Short version: she was here, I played guitar, she sang – the song was “High and Dry” by Radiohead – the chorus goes, “Don’t leave me high – don’t leave me dry” but that’s what happened. And I don’t listen to that song anymore. That memory does not hurt – generally, the fact she said goodbye (many many weekends later) doesn’t either – but what does hurt (very much a lot) is remembering not the way she phrased what she said but where she was when she said it. Maybe seven feet away from me but when you’ve been that close, seven feet is pretty much seven million miles.