Johnlee stock footage 01

Once I get a bank account – hopefully next week – I will also begin selling the stock footage I have been shooting and leaving to collect proverbial dust on one or more of my numerous external hard drives. Here is a sample of one of my 1st pieces – shot it on my Canon T3i with a Tamron 18-200mm Macro zoom lens (mounted on a Manfrotto tripod)…in Jenruary, I used it as a layer in a music video I edited for my reel. I used the song “Born Slippy” by Underworld…another song which I first heard in a movie and instantly fell in love with. I am no longer in love with the girl I was with when I saw Trainspotting in the theatre but I miss the feeling I used to get when we spent all that time together. Thankfully, it’s now the 15th. Anyway hope you like this preview.


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