True Blood - V-DAY True Blood - Eric Northman True Blood - V-Day2 It ain't that I think or feel that love sucks it ain’t that i think or feel that love is sucks – it’s just not the kind of thing i subscribe to. Its like a popular tv show that i can’t get into. But just to show that i’m not some bitter scorner, here’s a few thoughts on the subject that i can get behind:

-1-  “True love is like ghost which many talk about but few have actually seen.” … La Rochefoucauld

-2- “Love is poison. A sweet poison yes but it will kill you all the same.” … Cersei Lannister

-3- “Gravity cannot be held responsible for people falling in love” …Einstein

-4- “Love is like pouring boiling water in your ear: it’s not good for you.”…The Bass Meant Dude

-5- “You can’t buy love but you can pay heavily for it.”…Henny Youngman

-6- “There’s love and there’s xanax…only one can be trusted.” …The Bass Meant Dude

If I could post music here, I’d probably go with Social Distortion’s cover of “Ring of Fire”




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